Proper Social Services for Orphans

Belladonna Post - Fall 2001 Issue
Editor: Peter Ottomas

For the longest time, as far back as anyone can remember, it is impossible for parents whose kids have been taken away by social services to get in touch with their kids. The kids were moved from temporary shelter to another temporary shelter, and their development were greatly stunted. With the donation of Herbert and Faith Goodie and public bonds issued by Sim State, a more permanent home and school was built for such kids. Six orphaned children of the Newson family were the first to move into the foundation. Garrett moved in while he was a toddler, and was adopted by Alison Thompson who was his nanny.

The Goodie Foundation has all the facilities for infant, toddler care, and facilities for children and young teenagers to develop various skills. Kids can call and invite their relatives over if they want. Aside from the Goodies, the Foundation is also staffed with a cafeteria cook and a full-time caretaker, Lily Do. Families interested in adopting children can also visit the foundation so they can get to know the kid ahead of time. The Goodies not only tutor the children on their homeworks, but also act as councilers for young teenagers.

Public Health Issues Confronting Apartments

Vivian Cho

As a trained medical professional, I must point out the public health risk associated with apartment living. My child Estu contracted flu from other kids in the apartment. After she got well the first time, she got sick again. A neighbor brought the flu back from work, and it took only a couple of days for everyone to get sick. Having lost a husband to illness, what I fear most is loosing my beloved Estu. I felt that I need to take action to protect my loved ones, brought back a disinfection spray from work, sprayed and scrubbed down the entire apartment buildling. The Sim State Science Foundation develope updated formula quarterly. The disinfection spray bottle and updated formula can be mail ordered from the Foundation for $99 and $100, respectively. It is my belief that apartment owners should take the initiative of providing aparment residents eacy access to disinfection bottle and updated formula.

Master Herbalist Home Study Course

Kimberly Cordial

While Belladonna Cove is in the center of SimCity, residents still have plenty of opportunities to connect with nature. My sister Samantha got married to business tycoon, Armand Debateau recently. Being the only person left behind is somewhat lonesome. That was when I started looking for a little extra something for me to pass the time and discovered the Master Herbalist Home Study Course. After sending out an application form and the fee of $100, one would receive the gardening stand for growing various herbs, and a examination packet one must complete and mail back in order to receive a certificate. It is amazing what the little plants one never really notices in one's backyard can do. Although growing the herbs does take quite some time and patience, it is highly worth it.

Welcome New Neighbors

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