College Department and Course Catalogue

Courses up to junior level are offered at all three universities. Senior level courses are only offered at the university with specialized departments. Students are required to transfer school at the end of the junior year to match their major with the specializations of the universities. Please note that admission of transfer students requires a semester grade of A- and above.
Sim State University ($1,000 per school year)
  • Professors: Hunter Asparagus, Xavier Gamma
  1. The History of Ancient Drama: When every Play ended with Death
  2. Improvisation: Because Scripts are for Wusses
  3. Pratfalls, and Other Ways to Give up your Dignity
  4. Costume Design: Because Naked Actors are Distracting
  5. Moving Pretentiously: A Modern Dance Workshop
  6. Stage Combat without Killing Your Peers
  7. The One-Sim Show: Drama for Those Who Don't Play Well with Others
  8. Characterization: Becoming Someone More Interesting Than You


  • Professors: Emillia Troll, Leyten Hockey
  1. How to Judge a Book by its Cover
  2. Haiku: Form over Function
  3. Words Ending with -eth: A Shakespearean Study
  4. The Girl from Nantucket and Other Famous Limericks
  5. Iambic Pentameter: DaDUM DaDUM DaDUM DaDUM DaDUM
  6. Understanding C. London's Complete Works: Good Luck, Kid
  7. Using Bizarre Metaphors: Life is Feeding Baked Alaska to Zombies
  8. Senior Project: Translations from the Simlish
Political Science

  • Professors: Claira Knock, Cyton Hare
  1. The Soapbox and You
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. Lab: Making Your Own Monarchy
  5. Plutocracy: Buying the Vote
  6. Protesters: When to Repress
  7. History majors: Why You Should Hate Them
  8. Senior Project: Questionable Fundraising Internship


  • Professors: Starlette Pooch, Keirden Spring
  1. Introduction to Psychology: We are too a science!
  2. Animal Behavior: Of Mazes and Cheeses
  3. Abnormal Psychology: A Guide to Misdiagnosing your Friends
  4. Prefrontal Lobe and Other Optional Brain Parts
  5. Cognitive Dissonance: Recognizing How Broken Your Brain Is
  6. Emotions: Don't Fear the Amygdala
  7. Negative Interactions: What Happened to Deviance?
  8. Advanced Autonomy: Finding the Best Action

La Fiesta Tech ($2,000 per school year)


  • Professors: Aramis Quilt, Cadynce Draft
  1. Lab Techniques 1: Poking at Things with Tweezers
  2. Beginning Dissection: Why the Frogs Hate you
  3. Enzymes: Ase up your life
  4. The Lysozomes: Everybody's Favorite Thrash-Eater
  5. Inhibiting Molecules: Nature's Bureaucrats
  6. Borborygmic Digestion
  7. Xenobiology: Who is Probing Who NOW?
  8. Senior Thesis: The Laganaphyllis Simnovoril

  • Professors: Mickai Off, Frely Patridge
  1. Why Money Does Grow on Some Trees
  2. Work is for Losers: A Counterfeiting Workshop
  3. Economic Forecasting: Guessing Never Hurt Anybody
  4. Laissez-Faire and Other Lazy Policies
  5. Econometrics: Graphs a' Plenty
  6. ??
  7. Exploiting the Environment for Fun and Profit
  8. Internship: Coffeemaking at Landgrabb Enterprises


  • Professors Drew Camouflage, Donovan Twig
  1. Remedial Addition: The Fingers and Toes Techniques
  2. P=NP and Other Straightforward Proofs
  3. PMDAS and YouStopping Robot Hordes: Dividing by Zero
  4. Stopping robot Hordes: Dividing by Zero
  5. 3-D Geometry: Re-Imagining the Plumbbob
  6. Reasoning with Irrational Numbers
  7. Mathematics in Nature: Pinecones and the Golden Ratio
  8. 1337 Ways to Write a Lemma

  • Professors Lylia Copy, Coledan Dustpan
  1. Newtonian Physics 1: Measuring Falling Stuff
  2. Newtonian Physics 2: Measuring Rolling Stuff
  3. Lasers: Ruining Your Eyesight
  4. General Relativity: Pretending to Understand
  5. Quantum Mechanics: Why You're Wrong
  6. Plasma Is Fun
  7. Stellar Astrophysics: Too Far Away to Matter
  8. The Strange Charm of Quarks

Acadmie Le Tour ($4,000 per school year)


  • Professors: AJ Duct, Dharmanda Posh, Dedawn Fork
  1. Stick Figures: Lower the Bar
  2. Life Drawing: An Excuse to see Naked People
  3. Underwater Basket Weaving: Art meets Fitness
  4. Oil Painting and Other Ways to Poison Yourself
  5. Art History I: Artists You Will Never Be As Good As
  6. Art Hisotry II: Artists Who You Are Already Better Than
  7. Impressionism and Other Blurry Movements
  8. Conceptual Art: No, Really. It's Art.

  • Professors: Tyanne Maple, Manav Like, Basebose Cow, Yeasbera Enchant
  1. Intro to History: People More Important Than You
  2. Civilization: Why It's Rarely Very Civil
  3. Revisionism: It's Not Libel If They're Dead
  4. Memorizing Names and Dates: An Alternative to Learning
  5. Ethnography: Why Those People Seem Strange
  6. Political Science Majors: Why You Should Hate Them
  7. Anthropology: Not as Cool as in the Movies
  8. Historical Pessimism: Why We Will Never Learn


  • Professors: Xania Smell, Laurens Beer
  1. What is the meaning of This?!
  2. The Refrigerator Light: Proof vs Faith
  3. Old Dead Guys: Who Thought Stuff
  4. Optimists and other Other Idiots
  5. Philosophy's Place in the Neighborhood: Anywhere?
  6. Existentialism: Depressing Yourself
  7. Who Controls the Pie Menu and Why?
  8. Senior Project: Preparing For The Fast Food Industry

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