The Kingdom of Mandala was built on HystericalParoxysm's Megahood which links pre-made Maxis neighborhoods (Pleasantview, Belladonna Cove, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, and Strangetown) in the Sims 2 simulation environment. At the beginning of the stories, the land is populated by pre-made Maxis characters and townies. These simulated beings are known as sims. As time progresses, its population of sims would increase as the original Maxis characters go through their rites of passage in life and add new generations to the land.

All three Maxis universities were added to it. The game engine would generate fellow university students for the original Maxis characters as needed. In addition, every five to ten years, new immigrants from all over the world and cultural heritages would arrive on college campuses as international students. Each international student was built in body shop from scratch based on relatively well-known writers, musicians, or actors of a particular culture. Examples are Sharbat Gula who was on the cover of the National Geographic, Ansel Adam the American landscape photographer, and Salvador Dali the Spanish surrealist painter.

In order to differentiate the neighborhoods so they could span across wider social conditions, each neighborhood is set to be the hub of different careers and interests. Sims will relocate to pursue their career aspirations and interests. Each neighborhood would have its set of core interests and values . At times, there can be cultural clashes among neighborhoods.

The downtown of Mandala City, with its entertainment and restaraunt industries, would draw musicians, dancers, actors, and culinary talents. Belladonna Cove of Mandala City would draw health care and high-tech professionals, politicians, lawyers, and the criminal elements of society. Bluewater Village of Mandala City is the bussiness district that also harbors an artists' colony. Pleasantview the suburb is the location of Police Headquarter and a marine base from which research and exploration ships would set sail from. Desiderata Valley the other suburb houses the intelligence agency, the ministry of education, and sports stadium. In the urban setting, one would come across many new faces along their path each day. In the suburban setting, there is a greater sense of community, yet still split among social niches.

Riverblossom Hills, Strangetown, and Veronaville are relatively isolated small towns that are more than 8 hours drive from Mandala City and from one another. In the rural setting, one would not run across sims from other neighborhood, except college students. Riverblossom is the farming town and center of natural science research. Strangetown is the location of the military base and classified scientific research. Veronaville is the anachronistic, snobby literary town that runs on Shakespearean plays and high-society parties.

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