Drawing out Storyline and Characters


This blog was started sometime in the April of 2009, and has been evolving ever since, so has the writing and storytelling style. This is a playground, a place for experimentation and play for someone who started trying out creative writing only recently. The more skilled writers would probably find this blog appalling, with its many mis-spellings and grammatical errors.

As of now, for each neighborhood, a collection of inter-related short stories or tales would be told about the households that have drawn random occurrences scenarios (ROS). The main storyline would be written first and in ways that it can stand on its own, and carry its own purpose and meaning, whatever that may be. The other entries would be written later to lend support to the main storyline by exploring alternative perspectives in examining the same or similar issues. I am writing super short stories instead of longer ones for a very simple reason. The complexity in story structure that is required by longer entries are beyond the grasp of a beginner with short attention span.

There is no one lead actor or actress whom  I am tracing consistently. Camera is zoomed in to specific sims for in-depth character development and exploration into the motives behind certain actions, to the extent that is necessary for the purpose of the story. A specific sim may be the protagonist in one story, an antagonist in another, or just a bystander in another.Just as in real life, each individual would carry and follow his/her own storyline and character development. We are the protagonists in our own stories, yet play only minor roles in the stories of others.

The storyline for a neighborhood at the given round are drawn from events of the past (previous round), present (given round), and future (next round). While Pleasantview was the last neighborhood that had just completed its last round, stories of the events that took place of the round previous to the last round are now being written.

Character Development

A child sim growing into teen may through nature inherit the same aspiration as a predecessor who shares the same astrological sign, similar personality, or predetermined interest. Otherwise, he would pick up an aspiration that is different from everyone else's in the household. Second aspirations are gained from being influenced by the first significant romantic partner at the point of going steady, becoming engaged, or at the birth of the first child. If the significant other already shares the same aspiration, the sim would remain what he/she is. For example, Don Lothario picked up FAMILY as his secondary aspiration at the point he became engaged to Casandra Goth, and vice versa. In addition, the individual sims would pick up additional traits outside of the Maxis personality system through the significant events in his/her life.
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