The Truth is Out There

Desiderata Chronicle - Fall 2002 Issue 
- John Mole

Mole residence, Desiderata Valley, Monday, Fall 2002
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is archiving the few cases of alien abductions that I have inherited from my father who had inherited from his father before him. I was told that since Bella Goth has returned to her family at Pleasantview, her case can be closed. The two cases involving the two generations of Curious family in Strangetown are to be dropped since the victims of abduction themselves do not want to draw more attention to themselves and refuse to cooperate with the federal investigators. They are going to cover up the existence of aliens by claiming that green skin tones result from skin infections. Archiving unsolved cases is against the work ethics of the Mole family. The generations of investigators in Mole family do not leave cases unsolved. The Moles spy, pry, and cry tears of frustrations until we can get to the very bottom of any cases that come into our hands. I have an obligation to solve the case so my late father and grandfather can finally rest in peace.

Monday, Fall 2002

The witnesses refused to talk to me and the Bureau itself has issued restraining orders on me not to bother the witnesses. I decided to take things into my own hands and began to simulate the situations leading up to alien abductions. So far nothing out of ordinary has occurred.

Tuesday, Fall 2002

I stargazed all night and noticed nothing out of ordinary. Have I failed to take into account any necessary step in my simulation?

Wednesday, Fall 2002

I was vacuumed into an alien spacecraft while stargazing. It is a good thing that I have already set up the candid camera all around my house. Now i have tengible proof that aliens do exist. Unfortunately, aside from remebering feeling traumatized, I do not have any recollection of what they have done with me on board the alien spacecraft.

Thursday, Fall 2002

Aside from throwing up in the morning, there appear to be no other negative side effects from the alien abduction.

Friday, Fall 2002

I woke up early in the morning to notice a strange growth in my abdominal area. I and the child I am going to give birth to will be living proof that alien species live among us. There is an additional $200 deposited into my bank account and I can't trace the origin of deposit. It seems that the degree of alien infiltration is more than anyone could have suspected. Many questions remain to be answered. Why are aliens impregnating humans? What are the mechanisms through which impregnations occur? Who is pulling the strings in the government to have $200 deposited into my bank account?

Featured Artist: Natasha Una

The curator of our local art gallery threw an exhibition of the works of Natasha Una, an established yet not quite accomplished artist born and raised in Desiderata Valley. Many local residents have mixed feelings about her artworks.

"I am not exactly sure why she keeps painting grilled cheese sandwiches. Actual grilled cheese sandwiches can be eaten, but what do paintings of grilled cheese do?", says Luis Asper, her cousin who dropped by the art gallery.

"Grilled cheese is the passion of my life", responded Natasha. "Yet I guess I should expand the scope of my creativity a little", she continued while framing a potential painting with her hands.

"Would it not make more sense to paint the front instead of the back of the teenagers on the swings? You would not get any facial expressions this way"

"You don't understand. Creating arts requires one to look at ordinary events in life from unique perspectives", responded Natasha.

No one in town doubts that Natasha is an unique creation, I mean character, herself. Her independence and her playful spirit are the driving forces behind her creativity.

Welcome New Neighbors

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