Coming from and Going to Far Away

Riverblossom Farmers' Guardian - Fall 2003
Stella Roth, chief writer and editor
Patricia Wan, assistant editor
Jason Greenman, contributing writer
Cleo McGreggor,contributing writer

Far away from the Mandala City metropolitan area, Riverblossom has always been a close-knit community where friendly neighbors chat and barbecue together at our local grocery store. It is sad to see any one of our neighbors leave. Yet we must congratulate Gabe O'Mackey for his new appointment as university guest lecturer. He and his daughter Jules would be moving to suburbia of Mandala City, Desiderata Valley. "We are sad to leave Riverblossom. Yet 3 hr commute to work for me each way is just too much to handle", said Gabe.

"I am very glad that I was able to make it to the wedding of my buddy Leod McGreggor and his new sweetie pie Cleo before leaving", said Gabe. Cleo is the niece of our locally grown Catherine Viejo. When she first moved here, many folks wonder how would a city girl survive out here in the country without the excitement of city life. Yet to the surprise of everyone, she marrried one of our laid-back, nature loving farmer. A very unusual union. Gabe continued, "I chuckled when I see her gigantic guitar and sound system clashing with all the country-style furnitures in Leod's living room". Cleo has switched track to pursue free-lence writing, though, since she lost her job as a concert pianist. A mean spirited musician in the city ousted her from the music world. "She is growing to love the supportive environment one can find in the small community here", said Leod.

Then Gabe threw a goodbye barbecue at the local grocery store. "I find cooking for friends and neighbors a great gesture of appreciaton", said Gabe. "I sure appreciate a nicely done hamburger!", shouted Jacob Martin in Gabe's direction.

"Hey Jules, why have you never introduced me to your dad while we were dating? My dad also left town, yet he was too into gaming to pay attention to folks in town"

"What do you mean? You never talk to my dad who taught you in high school? Good God, you were so obsessed with that Roth girl that you practically zoned out in all his classes, eh?"
Before taking off, Gabe and Jill swung by the Greenman's Agricultural School to pick up the family photo from his brother and sister-in law. "It took over two hours for everyone to get into 'proper positions'. By the end of the photo shoot, my face was so stiff I could not stop smiling anymore. Yet it is worth the effort."

Grand Opening of Greenman Agricultural School

Rose Greenman recently moved from the the Sim State Conservation Park to Riverblossom Hills. Ever since she became a plant sim, she had lived in the great outdoors. While asked how she is adjusting to moving back to human civilization, Rose replied, "I am actually very nervous. I have been so used to talking to plants that I almost forgot how to have conversations with people. I am trying to live like a human again, including doing simple things like cooking and eating spaghetti. I am eating four plates a day to see whether it would do anything for me, yet so far, it only gives me extra couple of pounds. However, I do enjoy sharing meals with my husband, Jason."

Despite of her nervousness, Rose gave solid gardening tips to two students from far away - Herbert Goodie from Belladonna Cove and Viscond Pascal from Strangetown. "I was not expecting a large audience since I have just put up advertisements for the school in the newspapers. I may also have set the fee a bit too high", said Rose. "I started this school wanting to share my love and knowledge of nature. Unlike my husband, Jason, I don't really know what simoleons are for. All I need are plenty of sunshine and water." "As well as sprinkles of love...", added Rose smiling in the direction of her husband. "Then I started advertising on student newspapers at the three universities and a bigger crowd turned up! I am very excited that the younger generation is as enthusiastic about nature as I am!" (Yes, 3 is considered a crowd in our small town!)

The simoleons from the lectures have allowed the Greenmans to add a new wing of greenhouse so that they can grow produces all through the different seasons, as well as buy a cheap car so that Jason can commute to his work. There are plans to set up stands to market fresh produces grown on the local farms to visitors. People from far way seem to have deeper pockets.

More New Faces from Far Away:

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