Monitoring of Alien Activities Continues

Strangetown Observer - Fall 2000 Issue
Editor: Tank Grunt

Aliens and their descendants have lived among us in Strangetown for a generation now. Many have already taken their presence for granted. Surely kids with alien heritage looks innocent enough, and some such as Jill Smith looks exactly like us. Yet who knows whether or not they have been programmed to subvert our society in some distant future? It is imperative that we keep an close eye on families with alien connections for public safety. General Grunt has assigned military officers to monitor the activities of two such families:

The Curious: Reconnaissance photos of the Curious family shows no subversive activities. However, another member of the family, Vidcund, got abducted by alien while looking through the telescope. Base on all previous cases of alien abductions, one expect another alien baby to be added to the Curious family in the future.

The Smiths: Reconnaissance photos mostly show no suspicious activities, except that Pollination Technician was noted to lurk around the graveyard of the Specter residence, weeding. When approached by the military officer, Pollination Technician responded that he was just trying to help out his future daughter in law, Ophelia Nigmos. Ophelia soon married Jonny Smith and married into the Smith family. Pollination Technician spawned another alien baby and adopted another child from the Goodie Foundation at Belladonna Cove. Background check is being conducted on the child.
The Curious-Smith: The two Curious-Smith sisters have skipped town. They are rumored to be heading towards Mandala City. General Grunt has issued commands to military officers stationed at different parts of Mandala to track them down. General Grunt is proposing to the Mandala parliament to place travel and relocation restrictions on the alien population.

Odd Alien Artifacts Discovered at the Crash Site 418

The Beakers have uncovered several strange alien artifacts at Crash Site 418 in Strangetown. We all want to know the secrets behind the numerous incidences of alien abductions and pregnancies. Over the years, they have painstakingly sifted through the piles of debris and carefully cataloged the items before shipping them to the labs in La Fiesta Tech for further identifications. The following artifects have been identified so far:

Automate everything and anything, running sims and sim businesses will drive one crazy without them
Hurray to Sim Indepedence, let the silly sims decide who they wanna date and how many children they will have, planned or unplanned

Education, start training your sims in systematic ways while they are still young and impressionable
Finance, stop money appearing from out of nowhere, and disappearing into thin air; recycle your hard-earned simoleons to stimulate businesses in an integrated economy
Population control, control your population from exploding through "natural" causes or moving them out of sight
  • Sim Blender
  • Real Sickness mod (edited version) found at Jescado's, use of disinfection sprayrer recommend if you don't want to get sick of babysitting your sick sims.
Camera and actions, direct your sims to where they need to be even though they improvise their own scripts on the spot
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