Orbituaries - 2005-2009

Marcel Jouque died at the age of 48 in front of his house at Desiderata Valley during the winter of 2005. A satellite fell out of the sky and sent him to the great beyond before his time. His generosity, easy-going nature, and humor are very much missed by his wife, Sophia, daughter Violet, and best friend Opal Contrary. He is also survived by two younger sons, Naville and Noel.

Business tycoon Consort Capp passed away at the age of 65 at Capp Mansion during the winter of 2007. He maneuvered a hostile takeover of the Debateau Business Enterprise and renamed it Capp Business Enterprise. He has passed on the business to his grandson Tybalt Capp, yet it remains unclear whether Tybalt has the executive management capability. Consort is survived by his children Goneril Capp, Kent Capp, and Regan Capp; and his grandchildren Tybalt, Juliet, Hermia, Miranda, Hal, Desidemona, ??, and ??.

Pollination Technician #9 Smith passed away at the age of 65 at Strangetown.

Jessica Picaso died while being on a military training mission in a foreign country during the winter of 2007 through a swampy area. A swarm of engulfed her.

Herb Oldie passed away at the old age of 65 at Pleasantview in 2008.

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