Options for Primary and Secondary Education

* Public School System: $20 per child per year

Mandala City Public High School is being constructed as of the moment, with special programs in culinary arts and dancing performance. The school principal Dalilah O'Feefe is also interested in starting a book club. Will take students from downtown area, Belladonna Cove, and Bluewater Village.

Belladonna Cove Public High School will open in the fall of 2015. It offers special programs in chess competitions and mechanical designs. Will take students from downtown area, Belladona Cove, Bluewater Village, and Pleasantview. The school principal is Juliet Capp. Public school fee is $20 per child per year.

* Maxis private schools: $100 per child per year.

* O'Mackey Select School: $500 per child per year
Grand opening is planned before 2019. The private select school offers special program in literature and drama. Will take kids from each neighborhood. Offers boarding shool to students from downtown area, Riverblossom Hills, Strangetown, and Veronaville.

Options for College Education

Located one-hour walking distance away from Veronaville, Sim State University is a large, public university subsidized with public funding. It has strong English and Social Science departments for students to pursue majors in Literature, Political Science, Drama, and Psychology. Tuition is $1,000 per school year. Admission requires high school GPA of B- and above, and strength in either body or charisma.

Located 45-minutes walking distance from Strangetown, La Fiesta Tech has strong Natural and Social Science Departments for students to pursue majors in Physics, Math, Biology, and Economics. Tuition is $2,000 per school year. Admission requires high school GPA of B- and above, and strength in logic, mechanical, or organizational skills.

Academie Le Tour is a private liberal arts school with strong programs in History, Philosophy, and Arts. Tuition is $5,000 per school year. Admission requires high school GPA of B- and above, high creativity or culinary capabilities.

All students need to have grade point of above 2 to pass each semester or be placed on academic probation and repeat the same semester. A student will be expelled if s/he fails to obtain a grade of point of 2 while on academic probation. A student will also be expelled if s/he have been reported to engage in more than four physical fights while being a student at any of the colleges.

Based on academic performance, scholarships are given upon the completion of each semester:
  • A+ = 1,200 awarded
  • A = 1,100 awarded
  • A- = 1,000 awarded
  • B+ = 800 awarded
  • B = 700 awarded
  • B- = 600 awarded
  • C+ = 500 awarded
  • C = 400 awarded
  • C- = 300 awarded 
Options for Continuing Education

* Greenman Agricultural School offers training in farming and gardening. 
* Upsnott Police Academie offers periodic training to police officers in crime scene investigations.
* Worthington School of Business offers MBA degree to aspiring business leaders.

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