Young Voice, Issues 2005-2009

Student Editors: Stella Terrano; Allegra Gorey;
Athen Clarify; Tank Grunt; Almeric Davis

Robotic Lab Kicks into First Gear
After many years of planning and preparations, the day finally arrived for Zoe to open the door of the Mechanical Engineering Club to the the community of geeks and nerds at Fiesta Tech. Before anybody arrive, Zoe was already hard at work going through another round of checks over the equipments, starting from the two robot making stations, the train set, then the many small mechanical parts scattered across the open factory floor.

"I actually don't have to work this hard, there are plenty of geeks who are more than eager to get their hands dirty fixing anything that is not working. Still, I can't help myself being the first one to play around before everyone else gets here", said Zoe beaming with the widest grin.

The students began to arrive at the building an hour before nine, quickly filling the seats at the classroom where Zoe later gave a talk about humonoid robots:

"Right now, humonoid robots are still in the conceptual stage, and only exist in science fictions. Yet I am confident that in less than a decade, we will be able to build such robots that are able to perform basic household chores, freeing the wives of our nation to focus on educating our young and pursuing many other interests."
After the lecture, the Robotic Club members spread out across the factory to try their hands on different things.

"I can't believe that the club facility was completed so quickly that I am able to get my hands dirty before I graduate!", exclaimed Sarah Love while remodeling a race car. "Hands-on learning is so much better than munching textbooks!!"While there were students who were quickly become black hands, there were also the more studious students who dug in designing the humonoids Zoe had mentioned in her talk.

"There are still many challenges that need to be overcome. Yet Zoe really inspired me to give it a try", Edward Sharpe talked while penning out quick outlines for a prototype on his sketch pad.

The Robotic Lab buzzed with busy activities already on its grand opening days.

Urele-Oresha-Charm Brotherhood
Do you feel that something is lacking in your college experience? Tired of struggling alone with school alone?
Urele-Oresha-Charm is one of the oldest fraternities in Mandala. We believe in strong brotherhood, in supporting one another in any way possible. We believe that academics is but a small part of personal development, while building strong bonds and friendships should also be part of any guy's character building. We believe in equality among individuals, regardless of one's sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We believe strength lies in solidarity of brotherhood that would allow each of us to accomplish greater things.
If you are interested in pledging, feel free to flag any of our brothers in toga down, or visit our house on the Sim State University campus.


Castor Nova, Ashley Pitts, Martin Ruben, Almeric Davis, Jared Starchild, TY Bubbler

Sim State University Student Injured in a Car Accident

Late winter night, Sharbat Gula, an international student from Afghan was hit by a van while heading back to Tri-Var from the gym. The snow has reduced the visibility for driving, and the van has skidded across the icy road before coming to the complete stop. This accident brought to our attention that there is no medical facility nor doctors at Sim State University and the nearest town Riverblossom Hills. Sharbat had to be driven for an hour to Pleasantview where she was received and treated by general practitioner Don Lothario. the lacking of well-equipped hospital in Mandala has also seriously slowed down patient care.

While remaining unconscious for three days, Sharbat looked very frightened and hysterical when she first woke up, believing that she was once again a little girl back in Afghan, re-l-ving the trauma of loosing her parents during Soviet bombing of her country. Dr. Lothario said that Sharbat had suffered from a serious case of head trauma and would take some a couple of months to recover. During her recovery, Sharbat will stay with her friend Zoe Zimmerman, a 2005 graduate from La Fiesta Tech. Her sisters at the Tri-Var sorority invites all Sim State University students to drop by the Tri-Var house this week to sign the get well card for Sharbat.

Should College Students Raise a Family While in School?

While many of us would like to consider us adults, perhaps we are not really ready to take up all the adult responsibilities, such as raising a family while completing college, perhaps?

Eric Swain and Naobi Swain raised three toddlers, Fielder, Fielding, and Paisley, while completing between sophomore year and graduation from Sim State University. They would attest that it was incredible amount of work, and very expensive, too.

"We were engaged and completely in love, so we did not think of using counterceptions. Before we knew it, I was already pregnant with Fielder. We got married and then Fielding and Paisley came along. Our little apartment literally became a nut house. All three took turn in crying, wetting their diapers, asking for milk bottles, while there was only 5 minutes everyday to eat and shower", Naobi Swain shuddered while recounting the years between 2003 and 2007.

Eric then added, "It was so hard that Naobi failed one semester." Naobi shot a stare across the table at Eric, not believing that her husband would give away one of the most embarrassing incidence in her life. In retaliation, Naobi gave away one of Eric's embarrassing moment as well, "Yah, Eric was also so stressed that out of the blue, he attacked the school mascot Chayton Tickle, because he thought that Chayton was trying to flirt with me... Chayton even transferred school to Fiesta because it." Eric was perhaps glad that he has got dark skin, otherwise, he might have turned ruby red.

Edwin Sharpe, Naobi's friend at Sim State Dorm, said, "Naobi had an episode of mental breakdown while visiting Sim State Dorm. Right in the middle of the dining hall, she simply flopped down on the floor and started stalking to herself. It had been a mistake that she married that Eric guy. I would have taken better care of her. She should just leave such a mess behind." Edwin was normally not an outspoken guy, yet to him, Naobi was the first love.

Despite the difficulties, Naobi did not leave her husband or kids. They stuck it through together, graduated, and now are living at the Goodie Foundation in Belladonna Cove, trying to dig their way out of the student loan.

For the young couples on campus, raising a family takes all of one's heart, and much of one's energy and time.

Fiesta Tech Student Killed in Elevator Accident
Myeehkun Taste, a member of the Oretha-Hor-Var brotherhood at Fiesta Tech was killed in an accident at Mandala City during winter break. Myeehkun was shopping for Christmas gifts or his family in Mandala City when the elevator plummeted from the 13th floor to the ground. "Myeehkun is a good guy who looks out for his brothers. OHV and Tri-Fruhm are jointly planning a memorial service for him during the second week of January", Uruk Please made the announcement over the school radio station. 

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