Development Report for Belladonna Cove - Fall 2001

Goodie Foundation

A retired couple, Herb and Faith Goodie, have donated their life saving of $35,000 to the construction of the Goodie Foundation that will house orphaned children and large families with extreme financial difficulties. Facilities at the Foundation include communal bathrooms, showers, recreational areas, dinning hall with subsidized meals, toddler and infant center. Herb and Faith, and another on-site staff will provide on-site care for infants and toddlers, tutoring of orphaned kids and young teenagers. Resident kids and teenagers will take full advantages of on-site facilities to develop their skills and interests - telescope, library, playground, swimming pool, study room, art studio, and microphone for singing and reciting poetry. Families interested in adopting orphans are welcomed to visit the Foundation and file the application forms.

The construction of the Goodie Foundation is almost complete at 326 Bella park Road. The total cost of the construction is $115,418. The remaining $80,418 is financed by public bonds issued by SimState government at an interest rate of 5% per financial quarter. Ms. Irene Revenues would be designated their legal guardian for her to send each orphan $200 child support every Thursday.

In addition to orphan care and adoption services, Goodie Foundation also has three openings for impoverished families with dependents outnumbering legal aged adults. A family without legal aged sims (22+) will be automatically accepted into the Foundation when there is an opening. A household with legal aged sims (22+) is only legally considered impoverished if they meet all of the following criteria:
  • (Family saving + value of home) divided by number of dependents < $5,000
  • Maximum daily income of the family divided by number of dependents < $120
When there are openings, qualified families file their applications at the end of financial quarter and move in before the next financial quarter begins. Families can stay as long as they remain qualified. Since opening is limited, assignment is given on first-come first-serve basis. This would be one of the biggest public project SimState Planning Committe has and will undertake. The issueing of public bonds has nearly depleted the credit reserve of SimStateBank. SimState residents have voiced concerns about reduced credit availability for private businesses.
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