Casandra Goth and Darren Dreamer Got Hitched

Pleasant News - Fall 2000 Issue
Chief Editor: Coral Oldie
Assistant Editor: Lucy Burb

Casandra Goth, the richest heiress, got married this fall. The ceremony was privately held on the Goth residence. To the surprise of most folks, the groom is not Don Lothario, but Darren Dreamer. Reportedly, the engagement between Casandra and Don was broken off when Don left Casandra at the alter earlier on this fall. The heart-broken Casandra sought solace from her close friend Darren and they quickly fell in love. In fact, Darren confessed, "I have always had a secret crush on Casandra ever since I first met her". Darren's son from a previous marriage was also present at the wedding, "I have mixed feelings. I should be happy for my dad for having found happiness. Yet I also felt that he had betrayed my mom, even though she is no longer alive."

Don Lothario, on the other hand, shipwrecked many more relationships with his wayward behaviors. Kaylynn Langerak hissed as she spoke, "Don asked me to move in with him, yet I found out soon after that he was two-timing many people, including the Caliente sisters. He even proposed to Dina, although I doubt that Dina would marry him anytime soon after finding out her own sister is sleeping with him. Yet according to our sources, several nasty fights broke out between the Caliente sisters. Nina gave Dina the notice to move out as soon as she can. The Caliente sisters are working girls and two recent thefts have robbed them clean. With literally no money of her own, Dina moved in with Don.

Why do I always fall for guys who are not really available?" While Kaylynn may be a Cinderella looking for her Prince Charming, Don Lothario is definitely no prince. "I have learned my lessons, I will not trust his smooth talks anymore. I am packing up to have clean start at Belladonna Cove", continued Kaylynn.

Should Teenagers be Allowed to Live Alone without Parental Supervision?

While the neighborhood celebrates the wedding between Casandra and Darren, many are wondering whether it is such a good idea for a young teenage boy such as Dirk Dreamer to live alone without parental supervision. "Dirk has always been a very independent kid since his mother died. I trust that he would make the right decisions for himself", said Darren. Dirk laughed at the idea that folks actually think that he needs to be supervised, "No offense, dad, while you had such pipe-dream of becoming a painter, I was the one who took care of the bills. There were big stacks of them you forgot to pay before rushing off to get married!"

However, there are concerned parents and grandparents of Lilith Pleasant who is a frequent visitor of the Dreamer residence. "Lilith has not come home for many nights now. It must have been the negative influence of that good for nothing Dirk Pleasant. What if he gets my daughter pregnant during one of his teenage hormonal rages", groaned Daniel Pleasant. To which Dirk retorted, "Come on, give me a break! Lilith is with me because she could not stand the physical and emotional abuses at home. What we do behind the bedroom door is our own business."

Strange Infection

The editor of Pleasant News, Coral Oldie, is requesting information from the Pleasantview community about how to cure a strange infection she contracted during a family outing downtown. Coral Oldie befriended a very pale-skinned, foreign looking woman. Drawing her hands to hide her fangs, Coral recounted, "At first, I thought that she was a tourist from a far away place called Europe. I was curious and started chatting with her." To which Herb added, "Yah, and you know with all this vampire movies coming out, I jokingly asked Coral's new friend, 'You would not happen to want to bite my wife, would you?', and how would I know that she would actually go ahead and bite her neck!"

"While it has been very convinient for me to edit Pleasant News and write novels all night long without feeling tired or hungry, I can't stand the light of the day", said Coral. To which Herb added, "We had to buy this coffin so that Coral can sleep during the day. Even though we are old, we would really prefer not to see one until we are ready to go, you know, and this coffin takes up so much space in the apartment we can hardly get around."

If you have any useful information regardin this strange infection, please contact Herb and Coral Oldie at the Pleasant Vista apartment.

New Faces in Town

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